How to choose a pregnancy test?

It’s the week you’ll normally have your period and you’ll feel different than normal. Would it really be like that this time? If you want to become pregnant, you know all too well how exciting these days are. You may have a suspicion, but you don’t know for sure. A pregnancy test can give a definite answer within a few minutes. However, the range on the internet, drug stores, and supermarkets is extensive. How do you choose the right pregnancy test?

The effect of pregnancy tests

To choose which suits you, it is good to know how a test works. All pregnancy tests for home use measure the amount of HCG in your urine. HCG is a hormone made by your body when a fertilized egg nestles in your uterine wall and grows into a baby in nine months.

Early pregnancy tests

Tests come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you would like to become pregnant and prefer to do a test as early as possible. You can then opt for a pregnancy test that detects very small amounts of HCG soon after implantation. There are tests for sale that already six days before the expected menstrual period can indicate whether you are pregnant. A disadvantage of these early tests is that a lot can still go wrong at this stage of your pregnancy. So you can have a positive early pregnancy test and still lose the fertilized egg. You will then still have your period.

The result in words or as a dash

Many tests indicate with a dash whether you are pregnant or not. These tests have two reading windows. The first is the test window and the second is the control window. If a dash appears in the second window, the test is working properly. If a line also appears in the first window (or a plus sign, it is in the package leaflet), you are pregnant.

The line in the test window can be thick, thin, dark or light. If there is a thin and light line, it can cause great doubts. Is there a dash or not? Or is it sometimes a drying line (a line that can occur when the test rod dries out after a while). To avoid these doubts, you can opt for a digital pregnancy test. The advantage of these tests is that you are not dealing with unclear lines. In the window, the result appears crystal clear in words: ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’. A disadvantage is that these tests are generally somewhat more expensive.

With or without conception indicator

If you not only want to know if you are pregnant but also how long you are pregnant, you can purchase a special pregnancy test with a so-called ‘conception indicator’. You can choose this pregnancy test if you do not know when your last period was if you have an irregular cycle or just want to know exactly how long you have been pregnant. If you choose a pregnancy test with a conception indicator you can accurately calculate when your ovulation has taken place, but also when you have been calculated.

Expensive or inexpensive pregnancy test

The price of pregnancy tests depends on several factors: the sensitivity of the test, the brand, the execution (some tests only consist of a stick without the plastic ‘box’ around it) or other extras such as ‘conception indication’. Whether you opt for an expensive or cheap pregnancy test depends on your own situation. View how much you have to spend and whether you prefer specific functions or features of a pregnancy test. Do not rush the pregnancy test and always read the package leaflet carefully so that you do not have to face any questions or surprises.

Order pregnancy test via the internet

For some women, buying a pregnancy test is a party. For others, it can be a shameful purchase. For example, because you know the seller well, you are ashamed of the loads of pregnancy tests that you have already bought there, or simply because you consider the purchase to be a private matter. Fortunately, all pregnancy tests can now be ordered online within a few minutes. Anonymous and in a neutral package, they will fall on your mat the next day. The exciting testing can begin!

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