How to prevent my baby from getting dizzy in the car?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a long trip or a short trip. There are many children who get dizzy in the car regardless of the route and distance of the car. The very smell of the car’s air freshener or simply speed can make them dizzy, but how can the parents of these children avoid it?

Why do babies get dizzy in the car?

Car sickness is a type of motion sickness. Such dizziness occurs when the brain receives contradictory information from the inner ears, eyes, nerves of joints and muscles.

When, for example, a child is reading a book in the car or sitting in the seat without being able to see through the window his inner ear will feel the movement, but his eyes and his body are not so it is possible that some frequent symptoms appear such as stomach upset, sweat, cold, fatigue, etc.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that this disease affects some children more than others, although it is still unclear why. Children between two and twelve years old are the most susceptible to this dizziness in the car.

In fact, more than half of the children who are these ages feel unwell when traveling in the car. Before that age, it is usually a much less frequent and more rare episode since they usually travel almost asleep all the way.

Once they reach puberty they usually stop getting dizzy. But why do this dizziness occur exactly? Well, it occurs because children still have not fully developed the sense of balance, so the continuous accelerations and decelerations of the vehicle in question feel them more receiving contradictory signals from different sensory centers. This makes, therefore, that children get dizzy more easily.

Tips to prevent your baby from getting dizzy in the car

 Before leaving:

  • Ventilate the car well and avoid using an air freshener for this too strong because such smell can also cause dizziness in the car.
  • If they are going to have breakfast and soon they will get in the car, the ideal is to avoid liquids because it is easier for them to get dizzy. A solid dairy like cheese is much better.
  • Nor should they overeat. Also, it is not good to carry a full stomach or an empty stomach.
  • Offer them some pharmacy medication that the doctor can recommend for dizziness. There are in the form of chewing gum, candy and tablets.

After going out:

  • Whenever possible, try to sit them in the back central part, which is the least moving. If there are two, the most prone to dizziness should be the one who occupies this site.
  • Leave a window somewhat open allowing the air to renew.
  • Avoid that they do not look at the sides and that they look better at a point on the horizon but that it is in front of the car since having a fixed visual reference is less difficult to get dizzy.
  • For every two or three hours for the child to stretch his legs and air.

Is it normal for my baby to get dizzy? What to do if you get dizzy?

Of course. In fact, it is usually quite common for children to scramble when traveling by car. They may even do it as we said in a fairly short journey and with vomiting on many occasions.

All this, therefore, implies having to stop, change their clothes, clean what they have stained, prevent them from infecting their brother or sister in case they are two and that they do not return when they hear and see their brother vomit, etc.

But what is clear is that one or both children get dizzy, one must always know how to act. What to do if you are still dizzy with all these tips?

If despite all the instructions the child has become dizzy, it is best to lower the windows to cool, moisten his face and neck and reassure him with a game he likes.

It is also recommended that you look straight ahead and stop as soon as possible to take a walk until you are better. We will also have to take small sips of water and if they are somewhat older, offer chewing gum or candy.

Finally, it is important to carry plastic bags on top and in case you vomit try not to get too nervous. This, remember, will not help at all for the child to relax and even a car accident may occur if the driver is not on the road.

If all these tips mentioned above do not help you, it is best to talk with the doctor about other options.

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