How to properly wrap the baby in a lullaby?

There is no doubt that the comfort and safety that babies feel when they are lulled is universal. The lullaby is the gesture of holding a newborn baby, that is, wrapping the baby and hugging it in a baby lullaby and holding it in its arms so that it feels safe enough. But do we know how to place it properly? Here are some tips to achieve the perfect cooing.

Tips to properly wrap the baby in a lullaby

  1.  It must be borne in mind that the cooing must have an easy velcro for an easy and fast adjustment that also allows for hip flexion and leg mobility. The position must be safe for the arms, in addition to having to recreate the fetal position so that you feel as comfortable as possible.
  2. Place the baby with the shoulders aligned to the straight edge of the cooing.
  3. Wrap the baby’s feet always folding the cloth over, but without squeezing the feet.
  4. Stretch firmly on one side of the blanket and place it under the baby’s arm and body, on the opposite side. Then we will have to do the same with the other side so that that end of the coo we put it inside the fold that leaves the other side.
  5. Remember to breastfeed or bottle on your cooing so that, when you fall asleep and leave him in the crib, continue to have the same touch below and the same smell to your mother and milk, although remember that with the Summer heat is sometimes going to be almost impossible to use this trick and that is why it is also important to make sure that the coo is made of cotton so that your baby does not get too hot.

It is said that the cooing is familiar to them and that in turn, it recreates a safe and welcoming environment of the mother’s womb, helping them enjoy a longer and much deeper sleep. Therefore, it is essential that both parents and mothers know how to do it correctly.

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