How to stimulate a baby?

Stimulation is essential in any aspect of babies’ lives. It is they who constantly need to be stimulated because, in addition to stimulation, it serves to strengthen the mother / father-baby ties, it also increases the safety of the baby, his mental abilities, his learning, and his skills.

When to start stimulating the baby?

What should be clear to fathers and mothers is that from the mother’s womb it is necessary to start with the early stimulation as soon as possible, and once the baby is born to continue to carry out certain simple activities that are adapted to their age. Early stimulation is to provide the baby with the best opportunities for physical, intellectual and social development with the sole purpose of allowing him to be better than he would have been without that environment rich in quality physical and intellectual stimuli.

It is important, however, to take into account some aspects before starting early stimulation and it is essential that  the baby is at a comfortable time, that is, that he is not hungry or sleepy, and if you feel tired you will have to stop because stimulation has to be a pleasant and comforting moment for both.

As a general rule, true early stimulation will begin to be performed from the time you are a newborn baby until three months of the baby’s life. Why until that age? Since it is the period of time in which there is greater cerebral plasticity. However, and as we saw before,  the period of early stimulation can also start from the mother’s womb.

Why is baby stimulation important?

Early stimulation of the baby is vital for proper growth. The motor, cognitive and language development will depend on the attention and dedication we offer when interacting with it. And not only will the baby’s motor, cognitive, social and emotional development be adequately enhanced, but his individual development, abilities, predisposition, and rhythm will also be respected. Of course, parents must always take into account that each baby is different, so the way or way we stimulate them will also be different.

Let us not forget that stimulation is also important because it reinforces the emotional bond with fathers and mothers. Of course, the emotional, emotional bond is reinforced, through messages and sensory stimuli, and from there the activities of gross, fine motor, concentration and language begin. The game, for example, is an effective stimulation tool for babies because in a playful and relaxed moment everyone learns without being aware of it. In addition, things are retained much better because the pressure disappears and nobody feels evaluated.

Through the game, both fathers and mothers must be able to observe their baby’s behavior and also their needs, desires, tastes, and concerns. In this early stimulation, the balance must be sought and that is why this stimulation must be integral, physical and intellectual.

Exercises to stimulate a newborn baby

Although at first, it may be somewhat strange, the truth is that yes,  you can play with the baby. But how? Despite the ancient belief that newborns could not relate to the outside environment, it is now known that babies need to relate and perceive the world around them properly and always within their means. That is why games have to be simple and effective for their age.

Since babies are going to spend most of their time sleeping for the first 15 days, they will have to take advantage of the moments when they are awake and try with them some of these “games” that will undoubtedly serve to stimulate them enough.

Cradle the baby

Rhythmically balancing the baby will help his breathing, helping him to calm down. That is why it is important to cradle the baby in different positions: against your chest, with your back to you, etc.


By offering massages to the baby you will undoubtedly stimulate the sense of touch (quite developed in the newborn). It is important to massage your entire small body and should be done at least once a day. It is highly recommended that the baby’s father also be present to establish a special communication with him and turn it into a fun game.

Put music

A music CD? That’s right, remember that among the sounds that most please babies are the voice of their parents, babbles and rattles, but also the lullabies and baroque or classical music. Why don’t you burn a CD with those sounds and put them close to reassure him and make him feel accompanied? You will surely love it and, of course, you will be stimulating it correctly.

Look into your eyes

Another good idea to stimulate your baby is to lie on his back and place your face about 20 or 25 centimeters from his. Babies have a special interest in the eyes since they are in constant motion.

In this way, therefore, you will be favoring its visual development because this way your baby can concentrate for a longer time. In addition, you can also put your hand at that distance and separate and move your fingers in a slower way. This will help you also focus your eyes.

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