Organic products for babies

Diapers, clothes, food and even toys. Currently, there is a booming market that is increasingly committed to ecological and environmentally friendly childcare products. It is also a movement that is becoming stronger and stronger, and that seeks to protect, without a doubt, the health of babies.

Organic babies

In recent years an ecological movement has emerged that undoubtedly bets on creating natural and environmentally friendly products such as food, packaging, energy, transport and even childcare items. Organic babies are characterized because they not only use environmentally friendly items but also because their parents lead a different lifestyle, consistent, of course, with nature. They are in contact with ecological fabrics, wear cloth diapers and play with objects made of wood or other organic materials.

Today, we have in our country a whole market, although still something small of children’s products that respect the environment. Both food and toys, clothing, footwear, hygiene products, and accessories. Almost all of them, however, although coming from outside come through neighboring countries with an organic market more developed than ours, the Spanish. This is the case of, for example, Germany and the United Kingdom. But why do fathers and mothers increasingly care about the health of their children? Well, simply because of the increase in cases of children with atopic dermatitis, food allergies, and asthma that so much worries their parents. This is what has been causing over the years, that both fathers and mothers,

Organic products for babies

Any first-time father or mother goes through this stage in which caring for the baby becomes fundamental. Probably many of them, in addition, feel somewhat overwhelmed by the enormous amount of advice from both family and friends, and also from all the recommendations of specialists and books. However, the only thing you never know is if you have really made the right decision. Better the ecological?

Organic and organic products will always be an excellent option to protect the environment and also to protect the baby. In fact, there are many fathers and mothers who believe that only food can be organic, but they are wrong. Today, there are many organic products that can offer you, since not only does food gain ground in the ecological, but also hygiene and hydration have organic products and completely good and healthy for the baby.

Not only fruit and vegetable jars, yogurts, juices, and even lifelong worms can be organic. Creams, ointments, wet wipes and even cloths and towels that we use with them too. Natural products specially designed to protect and care for the baby’s skin as it deserves. Also, many other products that exist in the market such as bed protectors or organic pillows, important in the baby’s room.

How to choose the best: food, hygiene and hydration, clothing and footwear

Organic babies are babies who breastfeed as long as possible, that is, that their mothers extend breastfeeding as much as possible, and once they start complementary feeding their parents introduce only organic foods in their diet, which can be found in pharmacies, parapharmacies, and supermarkets. What can they find? Potatoes, milk, drinks, porridge and even bio cookies for babies and children.

It is true that the skin of newborns will often be dry especially during the first weeks. It is normal at first, although it will end up correcting itself. In fact, in the first weeks of the baby’s life, the mother will not need to put moisturizers, although she can massage it with organic baby oil or olive oil. In relation to hygiene and hygiene creams, biological vegetable oils, floral waters or vegetable waxes prevail without a doubt. A bio cosmetic can have up to 30% of active ingredients, while most classics do not contain more than 1%.

To take care of the baby’s skin in addition to having all this bio cosmetics, there are also organic diapers. Ecological diapers are reusable cloth diapers. The defenders of this type of diaper, with or without velcro and with an absorbent lining or without it, allege that although these may seem at first sight more cumbersome to use because they have to be washed every time they are used, it is not necessary to Be aware of buying them, saving time and money.

And yes, natural clothing and footwear can also be ecological. In fact, it is not enough to simply avoid artificial fibers when you dress your baby because you also have to be careful with natural fibers such as cotton or thread because these fabrics come from crops in which certain herbicides are used, which are very products strong that can irritate the baby’s skin. If what you want, therefore, is to dress the baby in ecological clothes and footwear it is convenient to choose the products made with 100% organic cotton, made with natural dyes and fabrics in which no pesticides or transgenic have been used but green fertilizers and saving Water.

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