Pass the baby to the crib. Which to choose?

When to move your baby from bassinet to crib?

As we saw, pediatricians recommend extending it several months (at least the first months of the baby’s life), but the truth is that, depending on the baby, the parents and many other circumstances, the time will come when appropriate.

In addition, the bassinet or the cradle can be used until it grows enough and has no space, but its use is usually limited until the third or fourth month. Until recently, for example, it was advised that babies remain in the parents’ room until the month of life. However, today they advise that better for a little longer, until at least four or five months.

And yes, it is clear that before passing the crib definitively, a small adaptation process must be followed, for example, leaving the baby during the day in the crib to adapt to what will soon be his new space. Later you can be placed in the cradle for a nap after eating, then for a nap and also for a little head after one of the mid-morning shots, etc.

This way you will gradually increase the sleep time your baby spends in the crib.

How to make your baby get used to the crib?

There are many babies who do not like the idea of ​​leaving their little bassinet and going to the crib, but at some point, it becomes totally necessary. For this it is important that parents follow some recommendations:

  • Establish a routine. All babies need routines to feel safe and secure. That way it will be much harder for your baby to feel afraid of being alone.
  • Get used to the crib. As we already saw, it is a process that must go completely gradually, so at least during the first days lie down and lie beside him. The caresses, the kisses, and the cooing will calm him.
  • Then, replace your presence with a stuffed animal or a blanket. Ideally, put it in your crib so you can smell it, hug it and notice it.

It is a long process and for which, in addition, you have to have a lot of patience, but with love and affection everything is achieved.

What should be taken into account when choosing a crib?

One of the basics of the baby: the cradle. But choosing the baby’s crib is not easy at all. In fact, you have to find the perfect balance between comfort, aesthetics, and safety. To choose the ideal crib, the first thing that one must keep in mind is that it must govern EU regulations that ensure safety and that refers to all children’s furniture.

The distance between bars should measure between 45 and 65 centimeters to allow the baby to remove the little arm, but not the torso so that it cannot get caught, and that there is little space between the mattress and the sides and front of the cradle to prevent the baby from reaching the hand or foot and get trapped.

Choosing a crib mattress is also important. In fact, the importance of this lies beyond the comfort of the baby. You must also ensure the safety of the baby and promote good rest. For this it is essential to look at:

  • Size: the mattress must be adjusted to the cradle, without gaps to ensure safety and also avoid risks of suffocation.
  • Material: they should be made of springs and of synthetic fiber or natural fiber. The most popular choice is foam or synthetic polyurethane fiber.
  • Firmness: normally the thickness of these ranges between 6 and 15 centimeters, although the firmness of this is more given by the thickness. Ideally, low weight sinks slightly but maintain its firmness.

There are also other important aspects to consider when buying the mattress for the crib as the cover. That it is washable is important. Therefore you should consider before buying it that it is washable, waterproof and breathable materials. Remember that it will get stained so it should be protected and maintain proper hygiene.

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