The best humidifier for babies and children

What are humidifiers?

What are they for?

Humidifiers are devices that serve to maintain adequate humidity in a room. These are especially used to restore the relative humidity level when in summer the increase in temperature produces a decrease in this. In addition, humidifiers are very beneficial in case of respiratory infections or allergies because it prevents the throat from becoming irritated and dry.

In fact, humidifiers are much more recommendable during the winter due to the dry air that the heaters usually give off and due to the lack of natural ventilation at this time of the year in which everyone opens their home windows less frequently. But it must be taken into account, above all, that when you have babies and young children at home it is essential to maintain the correct air quality at home and also ensure its renewal.

Thanks to the humidifiers, this is achieved because they help create and maintain this optimal environment while also reducing the risk of microorganisms responsible for respiratory infections proliferating. And yes, for adults also because humidifiers in the home generally help relieve health problems, such as cold symptoms. When there is nasal congestion they help dissolve the mucus favoring its expectoration.

What should be taken into account when choosing a humidifier?

With the passage of time, we realize that more and more pediatricians recommend the use of humidifiers for babies and children. But why? Well, first of all, keep in mind that babies and children, in general, have much more sensitive skin, eyes, and airway to environmental factors and that, in addition, they do not yet have the immune system fully developed.

Before finding the humidifier you are looking for, you must consider a number of features. Do you know what is better? Is the steam cold or hot? Depending on what happens to your baby, one type of steam or another will be more or less recommended. Cold steam will be better for babies who have inflammation of the airways, and hot steam is best recommended if there is nasal congestion.

Ideally, humidifiers always are, yes:

  • Silent: as normally the humidifiers are used at night in order to improve the baby’s breathing at night, the ideal is always to choose a silent humidifier so that it does not interfere with the baby’s sleep.
  • Easy to clean: it is good that it is easy to clean so you can change it frequently. Humidifiers often expel many microorganisms such as bacteria or certain contaminants and therefore it is important that they are cleaned frequently.
  • With ionizer: some humidifiers carry ionizer. Ionizers are devices that use high voltage to ionize air molecules. That is, they expel negative ions into the atmosphere, attacking the contaminating particles and always keeping the air more pure and clean. However, in addition to the basics, humidifiers can also include night light, an automatic shut-off, a steam flow regulator, etc.

Which ones are the best?

As a general rule, cold steam humidifiers are usually safer. These can also be used in summer because they do not increase the ambient temperature and the water vapor they release is much easier to inspire. What about hot steam humidifiers? These are usually cheaper, just tap water to run them and spread fewer pollutants. However, they can cause burns and heat the room so in summer they are not recommended.

And do not forget, in addition, to leave it away from the baby and the child. In addition, it is only recommended to use it when the child suffers from respiratory problems, nasal congestion or if the environment is too dry due to heating.

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