When to pass the baby to his room?

Undoubtedly, a great step for the independence of the baby is the change from the change of the room of his parents to his own room. To pass the baby to his room, it must be taken into account that there is no specific age or more convenient for the change since this will depend on several factors.

When should a baby sleep alone? How to know if the time has come or not?

As we saw, there is not really a specific age or more convenient to change the child from his parents’ room to his room. This will depend on whether or not you wake up at night, if you continue eating at night or if, for example, parents practice cool echo. It is possible, however, that you have heard since you must change the baby to his room when he leaves the night shots or has completed six months. These decisions are good for many, but it does not mean that it is best for your baby.

At this age, what some moms and some dads consider is to pass the baby as soon as possible to their own room. However, there are many others who prefer to extend the process more. Why? Well, the truth is that there are several reasons that could make you still want the baby to stay in your room for a few more months.

  • Continue with the night shots: if the baby continues to wake up to eat one or more times at night, it is normal for you to continue to find it more comfortable to continue with the baby in your own room. Also, if what she wants is breast milk, the mother won’t even have to get out of bed.
  • He wakes frequently: it is also possible that the baby no longer eats at night, but does have some nighttime awakening. The best thing, in that case, will be to calm him or put the pacifier on him. It will also be much more comfortable for you to attend if you have him next to you. You are not going to have to move from bed!
  • You love to sleep together: it is also possible that the reason you are still sleeping together is that you are both very comfortable. If it makes you happy and allows you to sleep well, you don’t have to change it.
  • But the truth is that there is also the occasional reason that can make the change to your room much faster:
  • If you are going to have another baby. The most advisable thing is to pass the baby to his room before his little brother or sister is born, simply so that there are not so many changes nor can he associate the change to his room with this arrival.
  • Does your little one make many night noises?  It may also be that some fathers and mothers are not able to sleep because their baby makes many little twins and noises (which, however slight they may seem, can bother many people). These noises make you wake up and prevent you from resting.
  • The room is too small and the crib does not fit. In that case, there is no choice but to pass the baby to his room when he no longer fits in the cradle.
  • Let it be something bigger and ask him to become independent of you at night and sleep alone.

 When is it more advisable for the baby to go to your room?

All pediatricians recommend that, at least during the first six months, the baby sleeps with the parents in the same room, either in a crib next to his bed or in the same bed. However, it will be from that age when you can more or less pass the baby to your room, although as we said, there is no ideal time because it will depend on the tastes and rhythms of each family.

These recommendations are mainly due to the fact that, during the first months of life, breastfeeding is enhanced by being close to the baby. You can listen and listen to the moment if anything happens.

As for the way of sleeping in these months, the idea is that you place your little one in a cradle as well as in a cradle next to your bed, for example,  in a baby cot or in the same bed. Remember that the way does not matter because the benefits for breastfeeding and the establishment of the bond with the baby are the same. What really matters is that you are in the same room.

How to help you sleep alone?

Yes, he may ask for it himself, but as a general rule, it is the parents and moms of these babies who decide when to pass the baby to his room. However, many of them do not tend to accept it too well. Luckily there are some tips that can help your baby sleep alone.

  • If you are older, explain that the time to move to your own room has already arrived because you are a big child. That the room will be close to his and that when he needs it he can call you because you will always be there for him.
  • If what happens to your baby is that she is afraid to sleep alone or in the dark the first few days, the best thing you can do is leave a light on in the hallway or put a small light in your room.
  • And if he has a stuffed animal or a doll that he has more affection for than others, let him sleep with him to make him feel calmer.

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