When you need a highchair

Many parents wonder if a highchair is needed at all. First of all, it will be convenient for the mother to feed the baby, and the baby will be completely safe to sit comfortably at altitude and explore the world around.

Usually, a highchair is needed from six months to 3 years. When the little ones begin to lure, juices, soups, curds, and mashed potatoes fly in all directions. If you try to feed on the couch, the furniture will be constantly dirty. Many stains cannot be washed, for example, from fruit juices.

Hand-feeding is also inconvenient. The parent is constrained by the movement. There is no free hand to hold a plate and other objects, with which the crumb gladly rushes in all directions, especially if he does not want to eat the offered delicacies.

can babies sit on high chair

When can babies sit on a high chair?

Which highchair to choose?

Modern domestic and foreign manufacturers offer various designs from high-quality materials to any wallet. Children’s chair can be from:

  • plastic;
  • a tree;
  • metal.

Designs are collapsible, folding, transformers, boosters. There are models on wheels with stoppers. These are convenient to carry. The back should be stiff. It is good if the angle of inclination is adjustable. Dozed off baby can be comfortably laid and let him rest.

Choose a soft seat. The fabric should be easy to remove and wash. The Polish manufacturer 4Baby makes removable leather cases that are simply wiped from the remnants of food. Prefer the option with a five-point seat belt.

A small child cannot sit in one place for a long time. He will fidget, get up, bend over and it is better to fix it reliably. The limiter between the legs is also not superfluous. He will not let the fidget slip out.

The countertop should be large enough and removable. The footrest is adjustable. It is good if a toy bag is provided at the bottom.

Practical tips for choosing a highchair

Furniture should be comfortable for the baby and mom. Be sure to consider the size of your kitchen. For small apartments, buy a standard model that folds easily or a bluster that attaches to an adult chair. Compact children’s models with comfortable tables, at which feeding will be comfortable, offer:

  • Wonderkids
  • Geoby ;
  • BabyBaby
  • Tako;
  • Cam.

The same manufacturers produce high-quality transformers for large kitchens. Such a sample can be used from one year to five years. The kid will be happy to eat and play in it. The transformer turns into a comfortable chair or rocking chair, from which the baby will be able to get out independently. Pay attention to the fastenings and strength of materials here.

It is better if the frame is made of steel. True, this design has one minus – it is heavy. The easiest option is made of plastic, and aluminum is both light and durable.

An important role is played by appearance. Children’s furniture should be bright, then the crumbs will have a desire to sit in it. Various toys on the countertop will also attract his attention. They help to develop memory, motor skills and teach to distinguish objects.

If it’s more convenient for mom to feed the baby while standing, then buy a high chair. Better if it will be 5-6 positions. Another adjustment will allow you to install the design to any table:

  • low;
  • medium;
  • high.

Countertops on the countertop make cleaning easier. Food will not fall to the floor. The more removable parts, the easier it is to wash. The safest constructions are those without wheels. They are more stable.

Can I do without a highchair?

In principle, a thrifty person can do without anything, but remember that you will deprive the child of the opportunity to quickly learn to eat independently. As soon as you begin to accustom the baby to the stool, he will reach for a spoon, try the food to taste with his hands.

The design will help get rid of the bottles faster. Children love to give birth to adults and immediately learn to drink from a cup, like a dad and mom.

And, of course, the stool allows the baby to be a full participant in a family meal. Do you want to teach your son or daughter to eat beautifully, carefully, slowly? Then show how to do this with your own example. Very little time will pass and the result will not belong in coming.

Another chair unties the mom’s hands. This is almost the only safe place where the little one feels comfortable under supervision, while his mother is cooking or doing household chores at this time.

Now you know how to choose a highchair.

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